In late August when temperatures in our town were over 100°F every day, Samson was found running the streets as a stray and was taken in by City of Tracy Animal Services.

His photo appeared online and it was love at first sight, but I knew I had to meet him to know for sure. Anxious, I showed up 20 minutes before the facility opened the next day and was one of five parties there to see him! The facility gave each party a raffle ticket and then did a drawing which I won! In that moment before meeting him, I questioned if he was the dog for me?

I came inside to meet him, and pulled out a squeaky toy. We played fetch, I gave him belly rubs, we cuddled, and he stole my heart. How could such a lovable pup be at the pound? I promptly signed the adoption papers and then came to the pound to bathe him and play with him every day until I could bring him home.

A trip to the vet quickly determined that Samson had a severe ear infection, one that would prove to take weeks to fully clear. He was so skinny that I could feel every ridge on his back and rib in his cage. He would not sit on the couch with me at first, would not sleep in bed, and stayed on the other end of the room unless enticed with a toy or treat. Six months later, Samson has aced two levels of training classes, has had squeaky clean ears and a healthy amount of meat on his bones. Now he snuggles up close on the couch and in bed (giving me kisses every morning) and he has more toys than I can count.

Ultimately, his snuggly-snoozey demeanor, love of playtime, and morning kisses make Samson PAWFECT for our family.

Favorites (i.e. brands, stores, food, treats, etc.):

  • Wolfgang Man and Beast (love their harness and leash)
  • Chewy
  • Harry Barker
  • Barkholic (best hoodies)
  • FouFou Brand
  • Outward Hound (makers of my favorite puzzle toys)
  • Phydeaux
  • Love thy Beast
  • Mark and Graham