We would have never adopted Rosie without first knowing Lola. Lola was our first dog who passed away in 2017. A dog walking company sent an untrained substitute walker who did not use her harness. She slipped out and was hit by a car. (Read more at

Lola’s passing caused us so much heartache and pain. However, we knew that to live our lives we needed to find any positive outlet we could. So, we decided to adopt a puppy for all the love that we had left on this earth for Lola. Rosie can tell you – it was a LOT of love!

We found Rosie on Petfinder at a rescue called Danbury Animal Welfare Society. Her littermates were all named after desserts (Candy, Muffin, Cookie, and Rosie was Pie). They were all the sweetest things, but when we met Rosie, she was the most affectionate of the bunch. So we scooped her up first and the rest is history! Today, Rosie still can be a crazy puppy but with her help we focus a lot of time and energy on raising awareness for urban safety, because she is a New York City dawg! We keep Rosie healthy and safe through plenty of training and walks!

Ultimately, her spunk, long legs, endless energy and love make Rosie PAWFECT for our family.

Favorites (i.e. brands, food, treats, etc.):

  • Wellness or Royal Canin puppy food
  • Sterilized bones to stuff food and treats in
  • CleverPet training toy (I call it my “computer”!)
  • SmartBones playtime chews
  • Whole Foods peanut butter
  • Andrea Arden dog training
  • Pawmiscuous dog clothing