Born on October 24th, 2016 Ralph has been the light of our life for the past couple years. Ralph is a miniature cockapoo with an energetic, happy, and loving personality. He was a true Christmas Surprise for his Puppy Daddy who had been asking for a dog for years! Ironically, Ralph’s Dad is very allergic to pet dander from dogs and cats. Which is what caused us to look for poodle mix breeds that are hypo-allergenic. We love that his Dad can snuggle and rub his face on Ralph without having itchy eyes or an epic sneeze attack; and I love that I can give him a big hug before leaving for work and I don’t have to carry a sticky roller with me in my purse.

His small stature means that he is very travel friendly and we have tried to take him with us on all of our adventures. Ralph has been on a plane over eight times. He also has the sweetest disposition with other PEOPLE (we are still working on his social skills with other dogs) and is great around children.

Ralph’s favorite activity is practicing Dog Agility. Which has been a wonderful outlet for his energy and great exercise for us. We are looking forward to his competitions throughout the year.

Ultimately, his sweetness, size, demeanor, and heart makes Ralph PAWFECT for our family.

  • Jax and Bones
  • Chewy
  • Harry Barker
  • Barkholic (best hoodies)
  • Wahl Animal
  • Outward Hound (makers of my favorite puzzle toys)
  • Phydeaux
  • Love thy Beast
  • FouFou Brand