Percy’s adoption story is slightly different but has an equally happy ending. When we were searching for our first dog (Tobey), we saw and submitted various applications to numerous rescues. Quite often they recommended that families adopt TWO small dogs rather than just one as they said small dogs needed companionship more so than larger breeds (Tobey is 6lbs.).

That recommendation always stuck with me. Occasionally, when we took Tobey to various training classes at the SF SPCA, we would make a habit of looking around the adoption floor to see what small dogs they had available but, we were never serious about it. After we had acclimated to having a dog, gotten Tobey settled into the routines of our household (and because Tobey is such a sweet dog), I started secretly searching rescue websites online again nightly.

One night, I came upon a photo of a dog that looked so identical to Tobey that I had to do a double take. I showed the photo to my husband and he asked me why I was showing him photos of Tobey! When I told my husband it was a different dog, he was equally surprised. But when the novelty of that wore off, he stated we didn’t need another dog. Although I was disappointed, I persisted and eventually, with the help of my kids (haha), we got him to change his mind and agree to meet Percy (formerly Winston). We drove two hours to meet him and his foster mom. This time, our main focus was Tobey. We wanted the two dogs to get along with each other as that was the main purpose of the second dog, companionship for Tobey.

From the moment they first met, it was a match made in heaven. They were friendly and playful with each other right away, as if they were long lost brothers reunited once more. Observing that playfulness was what convinced the skeptic, my husband, to take Percy home with us. Although the rescue told us that we could take Percy home for a two-week trial and then decide, secretly I knew already that he had found his forever home with us. Tobey and Percy provide us with a kind of unconditional love that no human can ever give.

Ultimately, they are PAWFECT for our family and we are truly blessed twice over.

Favorites (i.e. brands, stores, food, treats, etc.):

  • Wolfgang Man and Beast (love their harness and leash)
  • Chewy
  • Harry Barker
  • Barkholic (best hoodies)
  • FouFou Brand
  • Outward Hound (makers of my favorite puzzle toys)
  • Phydeaux
  • Love thy Beast
  • Mark and Graham