Lola’s journey began in April of 2008. She was originally purchased with the intent of being bred with another small dog, a Pom or Pom mix. After a year without any babies, her original owners starved and hit her, ultimately dropping her off at a shelter in North Carolina in July 2009. She was immediately put into foster care because she was so small and timid around other dogs. Luckily, her foster family was committed to finding her a loving home.  

The very first weekend they had her, she was taken to an adopt-a-thon at a local PetSmart. It just so happened my mom was at that very same PetSmart buying food for her pets. She knew I had been looking to rescue a dog and earlier that week had my hopes dashed when a dog I was going to meet had been diagnosed with major health issues, and was therefore no longer up for adoption.      

My mom asked the foster family if this dog, later to be named Lola, was up for adoption and she was! She called me right away and told me to come quickly before anyone else had a chance to adopt this nameless little dog she had just met. I rushed over and as soon as we locked eyes, I knew Lola was the one. Her spirit was shining through and in an instant, I was in love. Her eyes were sweet and there was an incredible kindness in the way she approached people and interacted with them, as if to say, “Let’s be best friends.”

I filled out the adoption papers and crossed my fingers that I would be approved. A few days later, I received word that my application was accepted! Lola would be ready for her forever home the following weekend and as we walked out of that same PetSmart, I knew she was the one for me.  

Her sweet demeanor, endless kisses, and gentle spirit make Lola PAWFECT for our family.

Favorites (i.e. brands, stores, food, treats, etc.):

  • frozen green beans (slightly defrosted) with some no sodium chicken broth mixed in are a great fiber boost
  • Little L’s chicken krakem treats (sooo crunchy)
  • Whimzees dental treats
  • Animal Pharmaceutical’s ZM-Ultra Soft Chews for joint health
  • Kiehl’s dog shampoo and conditioner to keep Lola’s coat extra white and soft