Lil Maisie Marie

My parents were sitting around on a Sunday, reading the paper, and saw an ad for Pomeranian puppies that seemed too good to be true. They already had two fur babies and weren’t looking for another, but mom was curious why we were so cheap.

Turns out I was just part of an unexpected litter, and the owners just wanted to find homes for us. Dad said there was a good barbecue restaurant near where I was at and that they could “just look” at the puppies before dinner. But one look at me and Mom knew she had to take me home! Instead of dinner, they had to buy puppy food!

Ultimately, my sweetness, sassy demeanor, and heart make me PAWFECT for my family.

Favorites (i.e. brands, stores, food, treats, etc.):

  • Barkbox monthly toy and treat subscription. I love their themes and it’s a great value for the price! Plus I get to share my discount code, MAISIEMARIE, with my friends so they get 50% off their first delivery!