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    Why did you decide to do a group dog blog?

    We were inspired by all of the questions that we receive on social media from other pups and their families. This blog serves as a home where we can share all of our tips and lessons learned that we have gathered over time.

    Where are the Pawfect Dogs from?

    Our squad is from all over the US, including California, New York, and North Carolina.

    How many members are in your group total?

    There are a total of 9 dog "momagers" with 11 pups amongst us.

    How long have you all been friends?

    We first started engaging with one another on Instagram in Fall of 2017. Once perfect strangers, bonded by our obsession with our pups we quickly became Pawfect Friends!

    Do you prefer a collar or a harness?

    First every dog is different and each one of our dogs have their own individual preferences. We recommend trying both forms of gear to find what works best for you and your pawfect dog.