Cody was born in Australia and brought to Singapore as a puppy where he lived with his first family. The family moved to New York City and unfortunately had to give him up. It was serendipity that we were looking into getting a dog at the same time. We were originally dead set on getting a corgi, but when we met Cody we fell in love instantly and couldn’t bear the thought of him going to a shelter.

We quickly learned that he is the sweetest and most loving rascal. He has the fluffiest white fur that is just begging to be snuggled into – and he is always cuddle ready! Who needs a sheepskin rug when there’s Cody?

His happiness is so contagious – that goofy smile makes even the grumpiest human smile back. His feather duster tail wiggling always brings on the laughs. He is so generous with his licks and his hugs and is just a total joy to be with.

Ultimately, his sweetness, goofy personality, and heart makes Cody PAWFECT for our family.

Favorites (i.e. brands, stores, food, treats, etc.):

  • Wolfgang Man and Beast (love their harness and leash)
  • Chewy
  • Harry Barker
  • Barkholic (best hoodies)
  • FouFou Brand
  • Outward Hound (makers of my favorite puzzle toys)
  • Phydeaux
  • Love thy Beast
  • Mark and Graham